We are sexual beings but learning to keep our erotic desires within the boundaries of “safe” is the challenge we face in this sex-soaked society of the 21st Century. Sexual identity, sexual brokenness, loss of libido, gender orientation, same sex attraction, pornography and masturbation are all topics discussed and presented in this workshop. Where there is addiction linked to sexuality that needs to be explored also. Are we born with a certain sexual orientation or not? The debate goes on. Living Wisdom has the ability to explore sexual awakenings that may have awoken sexual erotica too early and in a destructive context this will still be impacting your life today. This workshop is a fascinating topic which will bring many answers to people’s deepest and most private questions. It has the ability to bring libido levels back to a satisfying level without the use of any medications or destructive aids. It teaches how you can enjoy one partner for the rest of your life and be more than satisfied with what you once may have considered ‘boring’. If you are in pain in any area of your sexual life (thoughts, relationship, orientation, beliefs, habits, singleness etc) then take what we offer here seriously.
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