In this workshop, Jo teaches on concepts and skills necessary to literally make the most of your life. They include a fresh focus on personal goal-setting, relationship and emotional health skills, obstacle identification and removal. Getting beyond victim-hood, blame-shifting and any associated sense of powerlessness or despair is the aim. So, whether you are already ‘going for it’, or struggling, or just wanting to help family with their own difficulties, there’s something in here for you! Do you feel as if your body goes in one direction (e.g. to work) but your heart is going in another? If you aren’t enthusiastic about what you are doing something is wrong its time to STOP and figure out what is happening. If you lose your enthusiasm you are in danger of burnout and exhaustion. Learn how to avoid burnout, guard your enthusiasm (or get it back) and get control of where you are headed and overcome the obstacles you struggle with.
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