In this workshop Joan explores what drives our moods and explains unstable emotions as essentially the product of the subconscious mind. 
Medication not usually a satisfactory solution for long term treatment of most mood or behaviour disorders instead there are certain profound insights which can automatically return volatile moods and emotions to a place of stability and moderation, once they are grasped by the mind. Depression can also be described as the common cold of the western world. Why is that when we are among the most affluent people in the world? There are 6 likely causes of endogenous depression, once we have diagnosed the type of depression we are dealing with it is more easily fixed than most believe. Does yours feel like stuck and frustrated, or empty and sad, or tired and exhausted, or lonely and abandoned?
Anger can sometimes be called disappointment energy. Anger is neural energy and we can either use it for destructive or constructive outcomes. Living Wisdom explores 15 likely causes of anger, remember anger is always a symptom of something else. Trying harder, gritting your teeth and using will power to stop being angry won’t be sustainable. Finding the root causes, giving the needed insight and instruction and replacing that old survival kit are sustainable. See our Resource page and Free Downloads for more information. 
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