Have you ever wished that children came with instruction manuals or that healthy children just grew on trees?! No one ever said being responsible for a child is easy, but haven’t you ever dreamed of a simple, sure-fire way to guarantee healthy, well-adjusted and secure children? Unfortunately, just one faulty, destructive belief can wreak havoc when it goes unidentified for years. It is well known that early childhood years are the formative years for our most foundational beliefs. This makes them incredibly powerful. Why then do we leave ‘counselling’ or ‘training the mind’ until later in life when we are in so much pain and trouble, usually because of mistaken deep (unidentified) assumptions? The principles taught here can be grasped by children of all ages, cultures and aptitudes and it is having amazing results in clinical, home and school trials. Using the verbal, visual and auditory media included this is encapsulated common sense at its best; simple, comprehensive and profound. You can get started TODAY on building a healthy mind in your child with our My Life Rulz resources.
 Empowering You and Me
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