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One Day Personal and Professional Development Opportunities
For all people serious about rapid personal growth, people caring professions and those who take up-skilling seriously!
Many people feel they can’t afford counselling so workshops are a wonderful alternative. The workshops are intense and packed with insights, skills and wisdom for every day living. They are also a great way to get a ‘taste’ of Living Wisdom and see whether it fits into your values, goals, programs and future direction. Why not gather together 12 people or more and provide a venue we are happy to come to you. Below are just some of the workshops we run:-

Teaching Your Mind to be Your Friend

(also called Knowing Ourselves Through A Christ-Centered Pscyhology)
In our early years, our lives shaped our attitudes. In later life however, our attitudes will determine the quality of our life. Ultimately, your destiny is determined by the choices you make. You must accept the final responsibility for your predicament or at least your response to it. Your choices in a large measure got you there and only your choices can get you out or at least enable you to benefit as you go through it. Your choices however, can only be as good as your insights into life.
Today, the battle is, and always has been, for the mind. ‘Good thinking’ results in ‘good feelings’ and ‘good actions’. Obviously therefore, if you are feeling terrible, or you are in a terrible predicament, it is reasonable to assume that somewhere in your thinking you are wrong, i.e. you are believing lies. The measure of lies (false beliefs) you adhere to is a measure of just how crippled you will be, spiritually, socially, mentally, physically and financially and will therefore be the measure of pain you are currently in.
Do you really know what makes you ‘tick’ and why you do what you do? Until we discover our invisible masters we never will. This workshop unlocks our most ‘allergic feelings’, the ones our subconscious avoids at all costs. Discover the overlays of the heart – the neurological welds that cause so much confusion in our lives. What is your ‘Default Mood’ and how can locating it revolutionise your mental/spiritual health? When faith and psychology are willing to talk to each other, both benefit. Faith grows beyond Christian cliche’s and easy answers, and psychology learns that truth, and not merely techniques, sets people free. In this workshop the interface is examined and REAL ANSWERS are found for lives and relationships.The good news is that the needed skills and insights are available. The truth is ‘you are unique’. You have only one life. Truly, we are transformed only by the renewing of our minds until our minds are eventually persuaded to become our friends.
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