Winter Newsletter 2021

Living Wisdom Australia

Joan Koskela

As the cooler months lower the temperature of our atmosphere, warmer clothes stored in boxes, logs for fires and hearty soup recipes are finding their way back into our lives. As we snuggle around the ‘hearth’ the cool change can open more opportunities for self reflection as we stare into fire pits and out over night skies. 

Character Change can be very difficult but unless we make a decision to challenge ourselves to change our negative, destructive, outdated or unhelpful attitudes these will always remain with us and we will keep experiencing what we always have. In Living Wisdom we have four points on a STAR to navigate character change. They are; PAIN (what motivates change), HOPE to improve life, HOW TO transition from here to there and the LOVE of someone that can inspire us to challenge ourselves until the goal is reached. The question of Persuasion Therapy can be found on page 75 of the new volume one edition of our manual however if you want to talk to me further about this please schedule a meeting via my online booking system.

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Top 3 Topics

I’d like to share the ‘top’ three topics that come up in counselling, usually on a weekly basis. Firstly, and not surprisingly, anxiety. CoVid and the destabilising factors around our world has increased many people’s fears.  How can we have hope in an uncertain and maybe ‘bad’ future?  I believe it is possible. For me, I need to dig deeper for truth and reassurance to assist my anxious clients.

Secondly, relationship struggles.  This also is not surprising because relationships are hard work and invite us to grow in life skills and emotional health concepts.  CoVid has pushed us together in some cases and in other cases separated.  Both can be challenging. 

Lastly, faith and gratitude have risen to the surface in new and surprising ways.  When we are under pressure we will either find the things around us to be grateful for or drown in hopelessness and cynicism. It is also a time to really resolve the issue of a good God in a struggling and painful world.  

We don’t know what tomorrow will bring but we do know who has our tomorrow.  These times are a divine invitation to cling to an eternal future rather than what is temporary. To shift priorities on what is really valuable and important and of course to teach our mind flexibility and reassurance. 

Wisdom Workshops

Once again I have enjoyed presenting another round of Zoom Wisdom Workshops. Our topics from February to April included:-

- Goal Setting

- Burnout and Enthusiasm

- Victimhood

- Assertiveness

These workshops are now for sale and I would highly recommend this very inexpensive and non-threatening way of equipping yourself and identifying where you can grow in these areas.  

All of these concepts were completely unfamiliar to me 20 years ago when I discovered Living Wisdom and now they are second-nature and I would never want to try and navigate life without them. 

Cairns Living Wisdom School 

It was so good to be up in Cairns again for the 7th Living Wisdom School.  Even though the numbers were low the commitment to learning and wisdom was high.   We had several visitors come as our day guest and there is very good interest in locking dates in for next year in Cairns. I have put tentative dates on my website so keep an eye on those as we head towards the end of the year.

Dalby Mini School - 5th to 10th July

I enjoy going west, even in the winter!  Very crisp mornings and evenings and lovely blue sky days.  The warmth of the down to earth people out there is always a bonus.  This year we are planning a Mini School which is 6 days rather than the normal 10.  That means it is more manageable for many people but you are still getting a huge boost forward in your personal growth and life skills.  There are some people interested from other states, which is very exciting.  NOW is the time to contact me for further details or register.  I need a minimum of 8 people to go ahead so don’t hesitate as I will need to make a decision to go ahead or not by the 28th June.

Living Wisdom School 16th to 27th August with Mark Johnston

Mark is a passionate Living Wisdom trainer based in Hervey Bay and he will be running a two week school in August. He is also a qualified Counsellor and has an incredible testimony to share as well. You can contact Mark for more information.

My Life Rulz

I would like to give you some initial feedback. My 12 year old son has really enjoyed starting to read Wisdom 101 - greatly pitched at his level!  I've found it helpful as a reference guide to turn to for particular clients as well. 

I've found the My Life Rulz Children's Book helpful in my young persons counselling office. I've photocopied and laminated all the grey question pages and put them up on my wall under a picture of a good burger and a mouldy burger image. I've used a metaphor of our thinking becoming like a mouldy burger inside when left to do its own thing. It's been great in raising their awareness to stinking thinking patterns. Then I get them to draw a picture (sometimes using Interactive drawing therapy) to consolidate the truth coaches they choose that speak to them the most out of the 7 choices per rule. Thanks so much for these resources. 

Annoymous, NZ. 

Resources Sale 

Assertiveness Wisdom Workshop

Any relationship is heading for trouble if one or other can’t achieve a balance of power. Can you keep safe in the face of a bully? Can you keep your space in the face of emotional, political or religious coercion? RESTORE your boundaries and a balance of power with powerful gracefulness, rather than by summoning anger and rage, by pushing back gently as soon as the need arises. Remember, we are to “speak the truth in love” to the intrusive person.

Rescuer Complex Wisdom Workshop

Rescuer complex

It feels like love, can even look like love but it is not. Rescuing robs a person of their self-respect and disempowers them. A helpful definition is, "Doing something for someone that they should actually be doing for themselves." In this challenging lecture Jo explores the psychodynamic under this over-functioning and the subconscious bruises that must be healed for victory over this emotional phenomenon.

On a Personal Note

Tragedy was very close to home this year in April. Once over the initial shock I realise that I am readjusting my priorities, working out what is really important and taking stock of my life and the relationships I am in. The sufferings and pain of life are always a challenge to our deep assumptions about life, ourselves, others and God.  For me, I refuse to budge from a belief I must cling to when life doesn’t make sense - God is good, regardless.  Romans 8:28 must become more than a good Scripture to memorise.  It becomes a faith challenge, can I believe that in the midst of suffering and undeserved pain?  Will I dare to believe that even though I can’t see the whole story and the big picture that, that is okay, I am here to not ‘survive’ but to serve God’s purposes.  I know the sun will come out again, life can still be enjoyed, and that I can always inspire and encourage myself with stories and testimonies of those who have already walked these difficult roads.  One of Sy Rogers statements (which I love) was:- Run to God, not from Him.  

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