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David J Riddell

From Nelson, NZ we run Vision Building, Motivation and Goal Setting weekend retreats. I am sometimes asked whether or not this is some form of ’name it and claim it’ or just 'naked ambition’ that takes no account of the Christians call to 'take up our cross daily'.  The truth is

I encourage all my Living Wisdom presenters in training to diligently take up their cross by honing and owning their own inspiration, motivation and expectation and to take a long hard look at the destination before undertaking the journey.

To get whatever you dream of - to obtain your goal or quest, just do whatever it takes. But first scrutinise your definition of success because that vision WILL eventually take you to heaven or hell or a lost obsessional place somewhere in between.

This can be applied to many if not all relational partnerships. So, when two people have decided to 'yoke up' they must look very carefully at where they both want to 'end up’. Many discover along the way that they do not actually have the same vision in mind. I have observed many couples who have lost good years within the rut of pretend agreements with sad break-ups that could have been easily avoided with a more dialogue about the kind of journey they want and the destination they would like to end up in. 

So, preparation for sustainability’s sake is a priority before beginning any new journey isn’t it? That’s Living Wisdom. 

Every Blessing. David Riddell, Nelson, NZ. 



I am not a follower of secular numerology, but I do recognize the powerful ways in which God orders our steps with meticulous detail. I particularly love it when God reveals His presence through numbers. For example in this year, 2020 I was to teach my 40th Two Week School in Uganda. I did this but not in the way I had planned. This was the most eventful and miraculous trip I have had to Africa. It was bittersweet and will never be forgotten. 

As always, the students were grateful, willing to learn and ready to work hard. I’ll add here my personal thanks to those who provided sponsorship money from Australia enabling many to attend who would not have been able to afford the opportunity.  With high hopes the students and I set off on our learning journey. But outside the classroom the spread of COVID-19 was beginning to change everyone’s plans.

As the virus turned into a pandemic, restrictions to travel, work, gatherings and social contact began to escalate in Uganda. Aware but not deterred we pushed on with our studies. However, it was clear that by the end of day seven for everyone’s safety and wellbeing we had to terminate the school and release the students back to their homes.

This was difficult and sad for us all. For me it was because I knew how willing the students were to learn and how much of the teaching they had not received. We managed to send everyone home with a USB containing the full two weeks training, their Certificate and their commemorative 40th Living Wisdom School T-Shirt, a memento that will always hold tremendous significance. I do hope, that in the future we will be back in Uganda finishing off this school and perhaps holding another.

Class of 2020

The next ten days held me on the edge of faith as tensions, restrictions and uncertainty hovered around all visitors to Uganda. I could not have achieved what I did and returned home safely without the tremendous support from local leaders such as Margreet,  Rembrant, Ian and the Makindye Country Club and my global partners, friends and family. Thank you all so much. Through prayer, divine connections, support and the supernatural help of God, I got home. 

Uganda class of 2020. Unfortunately, there are several students missing from this photo as some returned to faraway lands during the first week as their countries called them home. Another few were in the process of returning as this photo was taken to their homes many km’s away.  

Testimonies from the Uganda School

Thanks for your time in Uganda and Living Wisdom team, before attending the course I didn't know how much I let other people determine my worth and value. Now I am on the journey of taking my value back to my hands and knowing that am worth 8 cows and I am excited about my future for the first time in a long time.  Eseza


I have been thinking about you a lot, remembering how you made us laugh in class, for sure you're a fun Teacher!  So sad we didn't get to finish the two weeks together, but I will say it was still one of my best weeks ever, thank you for your kind gentle words it meant so much to me. You made me feel safe and free from so many fears, even though you are many miles away I can still see your beautiful smiles, I hear your voice encouraging me to keep believing I can do it. I'm seeing things I didn't see before I am learning new things about myself and life, knowing that God has given me the power to say yes, and no in love, I am happier now days. God Bless you!   Angel Akullo


Thanks to a very generous donation I was able to take Mike Regan Keya a new computer and second-hand phone for his University studies. He is incredibly grateful and a worthy steward of these resources.  




One of the tenets of Living Wisdom is to be flexible in our attitudes and astute to new opportunities being presented to us. Following my return from Uganda and during my mandatory isolation period I had the opportunity to reflect on how I might still continue to share the truth of Living Wisdom given the closure of offices, churches, schools and public gatherings. 

How wonderful to have technology work for me in a new and exciting way. I am referring to Zoom. I have jumped into the steep learning curve of  Zoom to enable me to keep teaching. In reality it is exactly what I have been doing for the past twenty years but in a newer, sleeker vehicle. I’ve ditched the horse and cart and hopped into a new BMW Coupe.

Wisdom Wednesdays are a series of workshops. This teaching is short and punchy! Give me an hour of your time and I will give you powerful teaching to start you on a truth journey or continue your growth from strength to strength. When you register for a workshop this is what you will receive:

  • A confirmation email with a personal link (not to be shared)
  • Thank you and Welcome: including workshop protocols
  • A link to your PDF workbook (click to open)
  • An active link to the recorded lecture for you to re-visit, review or re-listen to. (After the workshop) 

I don’t mind saying this is incredible value at $10! In June we are exploring our moods and emotions.  Depression, Anger, Anxiety and Grief.  In July we will ‘break’ for school holidays and my Dalby school. From August the new price will be $15 per person and workshops will be fortnightly. I encourage you to go to my Resources for Purchase page on my website to review or purchase any of the teachings so far.  Also the Coming Events page to book for the workshop/s of your choice.   


Dalby Two Week Living Wisdom School – July 20th – 31st 2020.

I am excited to be back on the road in mid-July, heading west of Brisbane. Why not come out to regional Queensland and discover the well of wisdom, truth and life skills that this unique and powerful course provides. Although we will be meeting and learning in an open group forum, we will be do so conscientiously maintaining socially safe distancing, practicing regular hand hygiene and removing ourselves from the classroom if we are at all unwell. Please go to my website to register.

Brisbane Two Week Living Wisdom School – January 2021

Start planning for this school now. It is the only one that I hold out of school term. Because of strong interest from many teachers and colleagues of Livingstone Christian College we will be holding it on their grounds in Ormeau.



Rule 2 speaks of being powerless in many situations and how difficult that can be. Some of the lies we believe are along the lines of: 

  • My circumstances decide whether I can be happy or not
  • I can’t be happy until things change
  • If I can’t ‘control’ then I can’t feel safe
  • I can’t adjust to this ‘new normal’ 

But the My Life Rulz resources challenge some of those lies by reminding us of the absolute truth.  Truth such as shown in the image here.  I have spoken to many people during this Co-vid19 lock down time and I must say it is wonderful to here that at least 60% of those people are finding the ‘silver linings’ in the situation.  You see, they are learning to adjust and they are learning that they can control their attitude and their response to the situation when we can’t control things. 


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It has certainly been a full and expansive quarter since we last spoke. My personal note for this season is to end with my testimonial story of Uganda. Please click the link to see an interview between myself and my pastor about trip to Uganda and home again. Bless you all.

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