Two Week Living Wisdom Schools

*Rapid Personal Development for individuals and Professional Development for Counsellors, Pastors, Teachers, Youth Workers, Chaplains or anyone who cares for people and wants their own life working well.

These schools are a fantastic way to have your own ‘check up from the neck up’ to identify any of your stinking thinking. Out of the heart flow all the issues of life and yet we rarely know what lies in the depths of our heart and sub conscious mind. In New Zealand over 8,000 students have attended from all walks of life. Here in Australia I have run around 40 schools to date and will be your primary tutor, sometimes assisted by other Living Wisdom presenters and counsellors. A difficult phenomena to explain, but together with many stories of how students are miraculously enabled to attend, repeatedly confirms that this Course if Divinely guided. Students frequently report this being one of the most profound learning experiences they have ever had.

I am very interested in the ongoing equipping, empowering and healing of people, both inside and outside the church. Life is difficult and brings many challenges which this school is designed to address, assist and thereby bring hope for a better future. This course is not a Recognised Training Organisation Course but does qualify as an excellent finish to those graduating various counselling or pastoral training or those entering formal training.

Schools run from Monday to Friday from 9 am until 3 pm for two consecutive weeks at a cost of $920.00. Your own counselling session and manuals are included in this price. I run schools several times during the year from various locations around the country, dates and locations of upcoming schools can be found HERE. 
Download a PDF here of topics covered in the two week training

Full Day FREE (Day Guest)

You are invited to spend a day with us during the school. You need to arrive by 8:50am in the morning and you can either leave at lunch time or at 3pm. We bring our own lunch along but there are plenty of eating places close by. Bring a pen and notebook and an open mind! If you are a past student please bring your MANAUL with you as I may not have visitors Manuals with me. You don’t need to contact me, just come along and bring as many people as you like. We can’t give you a list of topics for each day but EVERY day is a great day to come! Look forward to meeting you. Check our Coming Events for venue and date details for the next school.

Cost $920 full price or pay only $120 deposit and the balance 2 days prior to the school starting.

Full Two Week School

Cost $920 full price or pay only $120 deposit and the balance 2 days prior to the school starting.
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