two week living wisdom schools

Two two-week school is our most enduring and transformative training opportunity. Suitable for groups as professional development, relationship enrichment for couples, personal growth and transformation. The school runs from 9am – 3pm Monday to Friday for two consecutive weeks at a cost of $92 per day. All students receive the full manual, Daily Insight resource, bag, pen, journal, lectures, morning & afternoon tea. Schools run several times during the year from various locations around the country .  See Events Calendar
Review Cirriculum. Download a PDF here of topics covered in the two week trainingReview upcoming schools and/or enrol by clicking here

bonus opportunity - DAY GUEST

Visitors are welcomed to attend one day of lectures for FREE during any school day. This has been an excellent sampler activity for people who are unsure if they can commit to a full course. A courtesy email to to advise of the day you intend to visit would be appreciated. Please note: We can forecast which topics may be taught on particular days. Bring pen, paper and curiosity. 
Self-directed learning – view our resources for self-directed learning at our online store.
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