Seven years after I had been diagnosed with complex PTSD. I was still in therapy, and on medication. No amount of therapy was helping me. The severity of the symptoms made me too ill even to leave my house, to sleep probably, or even function in everyday life. Clenching my jaw due to stress made me live in constant pain, headaches, and made me develop TMJ. I lived with unbearable symptoms that were only getting worse. I ran out of patience and hope seeing my life going no where. That all changed when I started wisdom therapy, that’s when I was able to build my shattered self back, and enjoy life again. To get out of the state of just existing, and actually feeling alive. I stopped needing medication within the first few weeks of therapy, which helped me gain a constructive, and positive perspective about life. I became more energised, driven, and less tensed. And my teeth grinding habits totally stopped.

Jo’s support, and wisdom therapy within two years gave me my life back.

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