I was struggling with depression, wondering what it would be like to drink myself into oblivion. This thought shocked me into action – I had never been more than tipsy – once in my life! I had been introduced to Jo Koskela and Living Wisdom the previous year and felt some confidence that Living Wisdom would be able to help me more than just talking to some unknown psychologist (no judgment intended). Still, I had almost given up hope of anything changing when suddenly one day, whilst beginning my descent I caught myself, “Hang on a minute, I know something different about this now. Oh, that’s right, I’m NOT doomed to more of the same.” From that moment on I haven’t looked back. More and more often I would feel my mind ‘click’ into a new track – a quite physical sensation I was not expecting. I am still very much a work in progress but joy and hope have returned to my life. I am not getting angry very often. I have more to give to my family. I am so grateful that God lead me to Living Wisdom and I encourage everyone to persist in ramming those truth coaches into their heads – because, IT REALLY DOES WORK!

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