Summer Newsletter 2020


What do you value most in friendship? Humour? Loyalty? Trust? Each of us have a unique checklist that steers us through the uncertainty of establishing human connection. Some connections amount to nothing but others will last forever. How is this possible? Most of us are trying to be our true self in whatever context we are in whether it is work, church, sport and so on. As we establish ourselves within society we inevitably default to our subconscious checklist of criteria. Hopefully the list will help us choose people and situations that will add value and stability to our lives. People who want to do us no harm. People who are on ‘our side’. But have you ever stopped to consider that whilst we are trying to find our own equilibrium in the natural world the greatest challenge to our autonomy may actually come from within us. 

How often have you been sabotaged by your own inner monologue? Your mind talking you into or out of something to the point where you’re stressed, confused and stretched into internal conflict? At Living Wisdom, we teach people how to make friends with their own mind. Imagine what life would look like if you could quiet the relentless droning of your own negative self-talk that undermines your efforts to reach your full potential. Imagine replacing the negativity of unresolved trauma with a mind that is programmed as your very own cheer leading squad! Your mind, fully convinced and ready to back you up, support and encourage you in every situation of your life. Just imagine what that would be like. 


The Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia has many notable attractions, traditions and events celebrated throughout a calendar year. In 2020, despite the COVID restrictions of face to face gatherings Peter Funke and Mark Johnston were able to celebrate a wonderful milestone; hosting their very first collaborative two-week Living Wisdom School. Twelve participants enrolled and completed the course held during the September School holidays at Kingdom House an aptly named and excellent facility for reflection and personal enrichment.

Some real breakthroughs were shared both during and after the school including improvements in marriage communication, release from the need to rescue, a story of flying in an aircraft for the first time without anxiety and recalibrations of people’s sense of significance and value in God’s eyes. Visiting lecturers Joan Koskela and David J Riddell brought their experience and insights to further deepen the participants understandings in the areas of sexuality and the “3 V’s of God”. Thank you, Joan and David. The feedback from the participants was very positive regarding the dynamic that this team-teaching approach brought to the group and its integration and application of the material. 

The 2 weeks finished with a display of talent from various participants after a shared lunch and a final graduation ceremony with tears and laughter.  Well done wisdom seekers and blessings on the journey forward.

Peter Funke

Liberty Counselling

Living Wisdom Sunshine Coast was a great experience in many ways. It was filled laughter and great anticipation from those who attended.  The feedback has been encouraging. I was informed that radical change has occurred with some who were struggling to overcome anger, inferiority, fear of heights and relational issues. It’s was truly a Game Changer!!  

Mark Johnston


In all, I ran 12 Zoom Workshops between May and October this year, which I really enjoyed.  Most of these are now available for purchase on my website and I want to thank Matt Stott (Soul Tour NZ) for spending hours and hours editing the audio to produce a professional resource for me. This means when people purchase a Wisdom Workshop they can either watch the video or listen to the edited/mastered MP3 in their car or on their phone, but they receive both options. The feedback was positive, the questions pertinent and the technology fantastic (most of the time). It was is so wonderful to have people from most parts of the globe able to join in or watch the video at their convenience. 

Based on the majority of requests I will run more Wisdom Workshops next year with some of the topics including: -

  • The Case for Assertiveness
  • Understanding our Subconscious Echoes and Fusions
  • Parenting – The Oppositional Child
  • Parenting – How do I Train my Child?
  • Parenting – Let Consequences do any ‘Shouting’ for you

If you have topic requests people contact me, I am always keen to hear what people are looking for. 


Have you told your friends and family about these resources for intentionally laying down emotional health building blocks in children’s minds?  Nearly everyone is now aware of or exposed to a child struggling with anxiety or their friendships or school life or home struggles.  It can be a ‘jungle’ for our children to navigate.  My Life Rulz is designed to give reassurance and hope so that emotional resilience is the outcome over time.  Chaplains, Parents, Grandparents, Teachers and family members report to me regularly the break throughs they experience when they take these resources seriously. 




God willing the year of 2021 will kick off with another Living Wisdom School in Brisbane.  I love these schools at the beginning of the year. It is a fantastic way to start rapid personal growth as students challenge their hearts, mind and soul to seek truth and freedom. By opening ourselves to new knowledge, students can begin to apply the principles of David Riddell’s Living Wisdom model immediately into their lives. 

In this way we become ‘doers’ of the truth, not just ‘hearers’ of it. Will 2021 be the year that you make yourself a priority for healing and empowerment? If so, then I invite you to enrol in our very first school for 2021. You have nothing but old baggage to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. This course will be held at Livingstone Christian College, a beautiful venue with roaming kangaroos at the end of the day, fresh and colourful rooms and a friendly atmosphere.  I hope you can join me!  

On a Personal Note

I had a wonderful time in South Australia for nearly 6 weeks. Work, family, friends, food, games, books, puzzles and snuggles.  It was good to connect again after the sense of separation (and reality for some) that Co-vid has created this year.  It was a different experience to our old ‘normal’ when it came to flying and airports but I was very grateful that I was able to spend that precious time – making memories is so important, restorative and energising.  

My prayer for all my Living Wisdom colleagues, friends and clients is for you to have good memories of this holiday season. That you stay safe, encouraged, supported and connected to those who matter most. Rest up, laugh up, eat up and prepare yourself for whatever next year brings by teaching your mind to be your friend and learning to be psychologically flexible! 

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