Summer Newsletter 2019

Uganda School Fundraiser

Thank you to those who have and will give financial support making it possible for others to access the power of Living Wisdom training. I believing this work has a long future because of Gods favour over His anointed people of Kampala who are being called to rise above their circumstances. Here is such a testimony from Dorothy Bingi’s (pictured below on the right) ministering in the Congo.

 “My bus journey to Congo normally takes 2 days, but this time I spent six days and five nights on the road sleeping on the adjustable seat. We spent three nights in Garamba Park, with the fear of wild animals and maybe rebels. I ran out of clean water, and I had to eat food that had gone bad, maybe that is why my stomach is still giving me pain. At one time we got stuck in a 3-kilometre muddy area which was knee deep and very thick. People went to the toilet just there so terrible! In Isiro we are having a lot of insecurity…people are being robbed at gunpoint being tied up with ropes, and robbed of money, phones, motorcycles, and a lot of property. They shot at one of their sons but missed him narrowly. We heard the gunshot during our devotion time.  Many people around my neighbourhood have been robbed, even the nuns were robbed at gunpoint.In Isiro I have a lot of ministry to do, and I’m busy teaching in different churches and praying with our neighbours that come to our home every night at 7:30pm. Please pray that God will give me the message that will help people in this traumatic season, people are hopeless and looking for answers.”

These are the kind of incredible people we are asking you to sponsor for the 2020 Living Wisdom School – will you help?

Uganda Fundraising Campaign

Living Wisdom Annual Counsellors and Presenters Conference 

I have just returned from my 14th Annual Living Wisdom Conference in Nelson, NZ with David and Rosemary Riddell.  November is timely for the conference because it always invokes fresh enthusiasm for the coming year.  

Over the four day conference thirty trained or training counsellors attended. The program included professional development and then attendees had an opportunity to share their experiences from 2019. Hearing what other counsellors and presenters have done, their challenges, victories, the collective learning, fellowship and community atmosphere was inspiring and rewarding. 

It was good to sit with so many and know there are other advocates of this work yet to come. A comfort for David and Rosemary who have been running schools and offering wisdom and truth for over 35 years and are looking at how they might slow down 


My work has many different facets and one of my favourites is with groups who would like to explore a particular topic in more detail. In the last three months I’ve been able to do that in my workshops. In Bundaberg, the ‘Parenting Power’ workshop was well received. Feedback is showing me that this is a huge topic and parents are searching for authentic and proven solutions to the many difficulties 21st century parenting can bring.

In Brisbane, the ‘Exploring Relationships’ workshop was a collaborative presentation with Donna Mandelkow. Here, the Living Wisdom model was applied to the individuals subconscious mindset unpacking the possible blockages to finding and sustaining a relationship. The participants were receptive therefore, the information was well received and people were empowered.

Lastly, I spoke at Livingstone Christian College in late October on the topic of anxiety.  This epidemic in society especially affecting youth is very alarming. I have a real desire to help young people preferably with the support of their parents to find reassurance, hope, courage, strength and healthy thinking.  The key to emotional resilience lies in learning how to tell ourselves the truth and gain a new perspective. 

If you are interested in hosting a workshop in 2020 for your group, school, church or community please contact me.  

MLR YouTube Update

Laurie Mills - My Life Rulz Artist

I’m excited to share that My Life Rulz (MLR) has found a new way to communicate wisdom. In the last quarter and with the expertise of Laurie Mills (pictured) we have established our own MLR channel on YouTube. I encourage you to visit view and share the link across your networks and I hope that you enjoy the current and future Vlog series made available to you at no cost. Please consider subscribing so you don’t miss out on any of our scheduled posts in 2020.

Coming Events

I for one will be enjoying a break over the Christmas & New Year period with family. Nevertheless when you are in business you do need to keep your supporters up to date. If you have not attended a two week Living Wisdom school or if you know of someone that would benefit from this teaching please forward this newsletter or re-direct people to our website for details on how to register for one of next years confirmed two week schools.

Brisbane L W School

Dalby -  L W School

Cairns - LW School

Resources with Workbooks

At Living Wisdom Australia we are always trying to find the perfect tool for your toolbox. In this instance I am referring to resources that we have developed to supplement your knowledge or stimulate your curiosity to know more. Please click the link to be redirected to our website and Resources page. Currently when you buy an audio pack you will also receive the notes for the item in a beautifully illustrated pdf/Workbook format. These are yours at no extra cost.

Click image to go to Resources

On a Personal Note

To look back over my year and pick out highlights is very difficult because I pretty much love everything I do and everywhere I go.  But, the stand out is meeting my mum in London (May) after another wonderful two-week school in Zambia. She flew from New Zealand and we hired a car and spent two weeks driving around the lower half of England and a good portion of Wales (where my Grandmother came from).  The scenery was brilliant, the weather was kind, the castles incredible and the time together was unforgettable. What a gift life can be. I am also aware that life can be incredibly difficult and challenging on a personal level and a community, national and international one.  It is all a constant reminder to stay anchored to the only secure place, regardless of life. In the great love of God. The God of hope, comfort, love, and refuge. Run to Him, not from Him. Remember, we can’t judge God’s goodness by looking at life. He is always good, regardless.

7 comments on “Summer Newsletter 2019”

  1. Great to get your news Joan..& wonderful to hear that you now have a colleague Shirley to fine tune the areas you mentioned. Wishing you all the best as you continue to do presentations & counselling. God bless & bring help & healing to those who you work with. Blessings Sheryl Lambert

  2. Always great to catch up on the news in your part of the Living Wisdom world. Love the photos and seeing all the smiling faces. Welcome to Shirley-Ann!

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