Spring Newsletter 2021


Autumn, Spring, Winter, Summer – Do you have a favourite season?

Is it Autumn with its crisp cool mornings, red and orange fallen leaves, harvesting and storing? Or is Springtime’s fresh rainy days and promise of growth and hints of summer? Or perhaps it’s Summer, with hardly any time wasted in getting dressed in the mornings, hot sunny days and fresh summer fruits, or perhaps it is Winter’s fires and time spent reading and sharing, that beckons.

Whichever season is ‘yours’, they all have one thing in common; they mark the passing of time with their own particular flavour for us to experience; and perhaps they are also markers for special times of remembrance or nostalgia for us to hold, heartfelt, with God’s Hand in ours. 

Perhaps a hidden purpose of the changing seasons is to help us with our ability to adapt to change, at least four times a year. Something most of us don’t really welcome but something that is made easier and easier as our emotional resilience grows. When your mind is assisting, encouraging and reassuring you, change is not to be feared, rather it  becomes  a challenge that we are easily capable of. As you know there is a surefire way to improve your emotional resilience with truth coaching which is the Living Wisdom way. 


The way the registrations are coming in, this looks like it could be the largest two week school I will run in Australia!  The highest numbers (to date) were in Uganda at 33 students, can we top that, Australia?  I completely understand that Covid can mess with our plans so there will be a full refund of any deposit or fees paid, if you are unable to attend because of lockdowns or border closures.  However, to help me plan the venue and resources in advance please register if you are planning to attend this training.  Our School in January this year was fabulous, and this one will be too!  

No, the training isn't for women only!


I put a call out for help to buy 70 chairs for Living Wisdom Zambia.  Steven Sakala is a passionate, truth-loving, wisdom-speaking Zambian.  All his spare time and energy goes into equipping his fellow citizens, teaching and training them in life skills, wisdom and insight.  I want to thank the donors who generously gave so that he could buy these chairs for the new teaching room.  Zambia is also being challenged by Covid and huge inflation rates so this was not possible without your help. Thank you so, so much.  

Steven is very grateful


Anger is a very strong emotion and the challenge is to learn how to manage it in a way that is constructive rather than destructive.  David Riddell (Nelson, NZ) calls anger ‘disappointment energy’ which is a useful way to understand it. .  A  high percentage of our anger is  fed from our subconscious minds by disappointment and/or fear.  Many of us express our fear as anger, which is never constructive. Although this emotion is so commonly experienced by most of us, after thousands of years, humanity in general is still incredibly and horribly, ‘anger-ignorant’. Probably no other basic human emotion has caused so much suffering and pain, and yet after so long, few people have even the most basic understanding of it.  This workshop is all about remedying this. 



Right now Rule 2 in our My Life Rulz resources is very pertinent.  These are deep truths and reassurances that have the power to bring hope and resilience if we take them into the deeper parts of our minds.  If you have children between 1 - 12 years old I would strongly recommend that you purchase a My Life Rulz Children’s Book, along with the songs, and equip yourself as we journey through this unpredictable time. Now more than any other time in the last several generations there is a call to develop emotional resilience,  a lifetime process  rather than something achievable in one or two events. 

You can also access FREE information, training and help on our You Tube Channel 


Miraculously, I managed to get to New Zealand for nearly two weeks.  This was in between our 4 day lockdown here in Brisbane and the Trans-Tasman Bubble closing on the 30th July.  I had a fabulous week with my mother and 4 days with a wonderful girlfriend (rather than the planned 8).  I am so grateful for this, I didn’t actually realise how much I just needed to connect with mum and my friend.  It was just what I needed to continue walking through the disappointments and disruptions of this pandemic.  This wonderful time also made me acutely aware of all the people who have been incredibly distraught and hurt by the disruptions of such important events as Weddings, Funerals, Family Milestones, births and more.   This is an incredibly challenging time for the world and we need to dig deeply for reassurance, hope, joy and gratitude.  I pray you are able to do that and get support, help and resources around you to build up resilience.  Trauma and suffering is more manageable when we are not alone/isolated and can talk it through.  Look after yourself and your neighbours/loved ones. 

7 comments on “Spring Newsletter 2021”

  1. Remembering hope, faith and patience are key to us being resilient through this very tough, challenging time.
    Thanks Jo , this was great. I’m glad Mr Sakala is doing great work in Zambia even in the midst of a pandemic. When God called he availed himself to do great and mighty things for the kingdom and that’s amazing, hopefully here in Uganda we also get more inspired and do even greater service.

    1. Greetings to you Mike from Australia. May God keep you and protect you and provide for you. I hope to be with you again soon

  2. Lovely photo of you and your mum, Jo! Sounds like this short visit was very timely for you. Keep the wisdom coming sister. 🙏😘

    1. Hello Gwen, thank you for your request. You should have received one but I will make sure you are on my list for my next Newsletter

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