Spring Newsletter 2020


Although it is the long cool stretch of winter the land of Australia is so vast, that we can experience winter in very different ways. From Port Douglas to Mount Gambier , Rolleston to Albany Australians are  being presented not only with seasonal change but with new challenges overarching our communities by the impact of Co-vid. Living in wisdom greatly strengthens our ability to make friends with change. Think about it! How many times in the past five months have you been standing at a crossroads and not known what to do? Friends, can I invite you to consider that this is an amazing opportunity for you to grow in areas that may have previously been obstructed and to seek new opportunity, perspective and growth by allowing the truth of Living Wisdom to lead you through these unprecedented times.

Dalby Two Week School

Our Church in Dalby QLD hosted a two week school of Living Wisdom. This is a Christian based course that teaches how truth, ownership, nurture and wisdom can be combined to cultivate a healthy mental and emotional perspective to self and others.

Almost a dozen folks enrolled, along with some tentative folks who came the first day and stayed on for the entire course. It was life changing, to say the least. The course brings uncommon, common sense and insight into focus. This enables people to receive insight on areas of personal difficulty such as those who might be ‘stuck in a destructive pattern’ or ‘afraid of change’ in their life journey leaving them, unsure, ineffective or unfruitful in their lives.

One of the core components of the school is understanding how to develop a healthy mental and emotional lifestyle for ourselves and others. Emotionally healthy leaders are safe leaders.
Joan Koskela who is the Australian Ambassador for Living Wisdom is an experienced counsellor with thousands of hours of counselling. Her skill and ability to train others in the Living Wisdom course has come from life experience journey, a commitment to Jesus and a willingness to face the challenges of life head on with truth and wisdom.

We are planning another school here at our church for 2021, and I highly recommend that you find a course that is happening near you and do yourself a favour and get a Check-up from The Neck-up for your stinking thinking!

Pastor Murray Tomlinson Dalby QLD.

Wisdom Workshops

Technology  can be used to equip, empower, connect and train.  My Wisdom Workshops have been well attended by people around Australia and from several other countries as well.  The participants are from all walks of life and experience and it is my privilege to share with whomever is willing to hear the truth that is offered by Living Wisdom.

Currently the workshops are scheduled fortnightly during the month of August and September whilst previously delivered workshops (including notes) are available from my Resources for Purchase  page. These make excellent reference resources as well as gifts for loved ones. To register for a workshop please click the following link:

Spring Cleaning – Fusions/Welds of the mind

We always wanted fish and chips when we went to the beach. For some children rejection equals correction. For many people failure is identical to humiliation. These are 'fusions/welds' of the mind. Spend 10 minutes listening to David Riddell explain this fascinating and powerful concept - it applies to EVERYONE of us.

My Life Rulz

Although we all hear the same truth only some will activate that in their lives. In this video, we are witnessing a Poppa who sat in the Dalby two week school, heard the truth and then activated it into his home and over the people he loves, his family. My Life Rulz is an empowering resource designed to facilitate healthy thinking in children. Resilience is an internal resource that sets a child up for success while they navigate the ‘jungle’ called life. Jeff is introducing the resource to his grandchildren in weekly family devotions and look at the reactions he is receiving! Friends, I encourage you to consider investing in the My Life Rulz resources to further equip your next generation into confidence and internal security.

Website Update

The website is being update. I apologise if there are any technical glitches for you during this time. I hope the work will be completed by September 1st. If there are any issues I can be emailed at info@livingwisdom.com.au  Thank you for your patience.

As we approach the last quarter of the year I am preparing for a break. Please (click here) To view all coming events.

On a Personal Note

I am excited to enter September as this September I am in Mount Gambier where the spring flowers and lambs will remind me of this 'new life' season.   Just over 5 weeks in South Australia with 2 of my children and 6 of my grandchildren will be just what ‘the doctor ordered’ after our travel restrictions. Obviously, as mentioned, workshops continue and a lighter counselling load while I cuddle up in the cooler weather, read books, celebrate a milestone birthday, create scavenger hunts, go to playgrounds, buy ice-creams and generally enjoy family.

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