Spring Newsletter 2019

Spring welcomes us each year with the promise of new life and fresh beginnings. For Living Wisdom Australia this means new opportunities to reach out into community and share truth that revitalises life by unmasking embedded lies from deep within our psyche. What better way to spring clean than to have Living Wisdom founder, mentor and my friend David Riddell visit us in Australia?!

Peter Funke, Lisa Ainsworth, David Riddell, Joan Koskela, Sharon Packer

Together and with other counsellors David taught, travelled and trained the growing living wisdom family through workshop events and public speaking engagements. 

No matter what season you are in, Living Wisdom will meet you where you are and walk with you to where you want to go. Sometimes, this simple reassuring truth is enough for people to take the first step. 


Currently, Joan Koskela is the principal counsellor, teacher, trainer and presenter for Living Wisdom Australia. Contact Joan  at info@livingwisdom.com.au or go to the Website to book a counselling appointment face to face or via phone, zoom, Skype etc or to get more information or access free or to purchase resources.



12th October: Brisbane Workshop Exploring Relationships

29th October: -Ormeau Workshop – Anxiety 

30th November: Bokarina Workshop Teaching Your Mind to Be Your Friend


6th - 17th January: Brisbane Two Week School

16th - 27th March: Uganda Two Week School

18th - 29th May: Dalby Two Week School

22nd June - 3rd July: Cairns Two Week School


Building on the work that David and the team delivered around the Wide Bay, it was a privilege for me to travel to Bundaberg and deliver a powerful workshop entitled ‘Parenting Power’. 

This is a topic I am passionate about. I want to shine light for parents on some of the simple principles that underpin a loss of cooperation in children within the parental partnership whilst building confidence in parents to meet their children in love, truth and positive parenting. 


I have been working in my own Counselling Practice since 2002 and arrive at a place several years ago where the training arm of my work became under par.  God and I knew that I needed help to keep up with presentation, recording, marketing, communicating, organising, planning and all the other logistics that goes along with a successful and well-presented event. 

That help has arrived and I am so delighted to welcome Shirley-Ann Rowley into my world.  She discovered my dilapidated and poor functioning processes and systems and has offered to bring into 2020 in a better way.  

We are excited to begin this collaboration which will be a mutually beneficial process and you will be the recipients of our work over the next year.  

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