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  1. Jill Lockwood says:

    Lovely to receive news and hear all that God is doing through Living Wisdom. God bless you Jill Lockwood WA

    1. Joan Koskela says:

      Thank you Jill for taking the time to comment. Hope all is well over there in WA!

  2. Sheryl Lambert says:

    Great to get your news Joan..& wonderful to hear that you now have a colleague Shirley to fine tune the areas you mentioned. Wishing you all the best as you continue to do presentations & counselling. God bless & bring help & healing to those who you work with. Blessings Sheryl Lambert

    1. Joan Koskela says:

      Thank you for your message Sheryl, lovely to hear from you.

  3. Elaine Fielding says:

    Great to see Shirley-Ann’s lovely smiling face! I’m sure you will be a blessing to each other Jo.

    1. Joan Koskela says:

      Yes, she is a winner! Thanks Elaine

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