Special Update from Uganda

Greetings dear Living Wisdom friends, clients and family,

As many of you may know from my Living Wisdom Australia FaceBook page, I am currently in Uganda and the borders have been completely closed so I am unable to leave at this time. The prediction is that without repatriation flights being negotiated with the Ugandan Government I could be here from 1 to 6-8 months. No one knows. So in response to this current situation there will be some changes for my clients, especially you who are currently booked into my calendar.

In the next 24 hours my current appointment calendar will be completely wiped and a new booking calendar will be set up. The times available to you will change because of the time difference between us. The GOOD NEWS is that for those who choose to re-book with me the new fee for now is $50 rather than $100. This is in response to the hardship people will be facing and our current worldwide situation.

Please re-book with me if you would like to talk because I would love to continue serving you from here. It is so nice to be connected to familiar people and places while we still have the luxury of internet and power.

The options to speak with me will also change to cope with the intermittent internet here. I am sorry for the inconvenience this causes and hope we can still make the most of a difficult situation. For me, this is a divine invitation to practice what I teach and what I counsel. It isn’t what happens to us that really hurts us, rather it is how we choose to respond to it and think about it. (Rule 7 from My Life Rulz)

There are very real dangers and challenges here but I will use wisdom and reassurance to live daily life with my mind looking after me. After all, Living Wisdom’s motto is ‘Teaching Your Mind to be Your Friend’. David Riddell also reminded me that ‘stuck, is a state of mind, not a reality in and of itself’.

As we all hunker down for this incredible time that will go down in history may you tell yourself the truth and be determined to add meaning and growth to this short term pain for long term gain.

My Scripture this week has been Psalm 91:1-6. I was also very encouraged by this article written by an Italian Pastor.

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