Understanding Difficult Children (MP3)

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Once trust in authority is lost and defensive detachment sets in all co-operation may go out the window.

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It is very difficult to 'loan' your personal power to someone you don't trust or believe is on your side.  A wise adult will stop and realise that this child is actually resisting me and get the help they need to identify what is going on and how to get their cooperation back. For some children their basic trust in life and people hasn't even got off the ground and they are only listening to themselves and trying to parent themselves.  This turns out to be disastrous of course so we need to get smarter and help them while we still can. Notes included in the Workbook are:- Trust, Defensive Detachment, Self-Esteem, Stories, Truth Coaches


Below is a sample which consists of the first 2 minutes of this lecture.

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