Self Sabotage (MP3)

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When my own feelings are telling me lies.  The spirit of our age is to 'deify' our feelings, meaning we never question or challenge them. Where will that lead us?

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Self Sabotage - Presented by David Riddell - 5 hours of teaching

A consistent non-examination of our feelings often leads to obsessive compulsive disorders, being thin skinned and crucialising our world. The person who is depressed, angry or anxious is often a person yet to learn how to discredit and oppose those very strong feelings.  Until those questioning skills are learnt, their life is often one of torment.  When professionals collude with those feelings, they provide no real answers to the ongoing emotional pain.  In this workshop David Riddell gives you real answers. He teaches you how to put you in charge of your feelings and equip you to find a way out of emotional pain.  These skills are essential for a happier life for yourself, your friend, you child.  You won't be disappointed.

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