Parenting with Courage (MP3)

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Parenting isn't for cowards!  It takes courage and determination to get the 'recipe' right for this most important task.  Want more tools, insights and strategies?  If so, this is for YOU.

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This workshop was recorded live in Cairns and contains around 5 hours of teaching with some question time at the end. It was a great day so we have made it available for anyone who is in the midst of this challenging time called parenting. Joan gives a fairly detailed overview of do's and don't in training children and discusses the concept of rescuing versus calm verdict parenting. Makeesha gives a book review and also teaches the concept of defensive detachment.  This means your child is resistant and becoming defiant.  If this is happening a parent must stop and work out what the blockage to cooperating is.  There is interest, questions and discussion  around bullying and also appropriate consequences and discipline. Notes included in the Workbook are:- Training Children, Defensive Detachment, Oppositional Children, Rescuing, Unbearable Feelings and Trust.

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