Parenting Snapshot (MP3)

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This workshop was recorded in Dalby, Queensland for a group of parents keen to up-skill. It is approx. 2 hours in duration and is an audio download.  Applying the principles discussed can only improve your relationship with your children and your understanding of the role of parenting. Audio and Workbook.

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Even though parenting is a huge topic this 2 hour evening workshop is a great 'snapshot' to begin with. It is packed with insights and concepts that apply to all.  It offers you some powerful concepts and principles that hold true to all, in order to help you in this most difficult and demanding task.  If we can get the 'recipe' right parenting can also be the most rewarding task.  We are commissioned to actually train our children rather than just merely care for them and this demands an active role with hands on commitment, time and attention. Notes included in your Workbook are:- Training Children, Unbearable Feelings, Rescuing and Defensive Detachment.


Below is a sample which consists of the first 2 minutes of this lecture.

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