Living Wisdom Mini School - Dalby

$454.55 Excl. GST

Two Week Living Wisdom School

Today, the battle is, and always has been, for the mind. ‘Good thinking’ results in ‘good feelings’ and ‘good actions’. Obviously therefore, if you are feeling terrible, or you are in a terrible predicament, it is reasonable to assume that somewhere in your thinking you are wrong, i.e. you are believing lies.  The measure of lies (false beliefs) you adhere to is a measure of just how crippled you will be, spiritually, socially, mentally, physically and financially and will therefore be the measure of pain you are currently in. Our school is designed to get to the basement and give you a ladder up and out of any pit!

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6 Day Mini Living Wisdom School

This is the 'best of' the normal two week training.  It is rapid Personal Development  for individuals and Professional Development for Counsellors, Pastors, Teachers, Youth Workers, Chaplains or anyone who cares for people and wants their own life working well.

These schools are a fantastic way to have your own ‘check up from the neck up’ to identify any of your stinking thinking. Out of the heart flow all the issues of life and yet we rarely know what lies in the depths of our heart and sub conscious mind. In New Zealand over 8,000 students have attended from all walks of life. Here in Australia and Africa I have run around 41 schools to date and  will be your primary tutor, sometimes assisted by other Living Wisdom presenters and counsellors. A difficult phenomena to explain, but together with many stories of how students are miraculously enabled to attend, repeatedly confirms that this Course is Divinely guided. Students frequently report this being one of the most profound learning experiences they have ever had.

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