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4 Keys for building better relationships with your children

If you will learn these 4 vital parenting principles they will empower you both for a calmer and more enjoyable relationship. You will maintain their cooperation and enjoy being a parent!

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4 Keys for building better relationships with your children

In this 45 minutes workshop presented by Joan Koskela to a MOPS group she explores 4 vital tools/keys to take seriously in your parenting style.  Joan is the first to admit that most of these were missing when she was parenting her own children but it is never too late to become better at relationships. She teases out these 4 concepts to a keen audience of young mums.


  • Did I listen, paraphrase and validate first?
  • Intentionally use responsibility-teaching language?
  • Did I keep my dignity?
  • Identify (and implement) appropriate and natural consequences with empathy?
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