Even though this whole subject is huge in itself there are some very basic principles which in general will hold true for every situation. We explore at least 7 of these in this seminars as well as a few ‘self tests’ for parents. We look at 5 principles by which to train a child and we learn to recognise when we are parenting out of our own fears. If you have an ‘oppositional’ child this seminar will give some possible causes for this so that you have somewhere to begin. We look at tracing the development of rebellion and a concept called defensive detachment. Do you feel as if your children are allowing you to parent them or are you in a constant power struggle with them? When a child ‘detaches’ peace is lost in the home. Click here to download information on Defensive Detachment. Blended or Step-families are now making up a large proportion of our society so this issue cannot go un-addressed when we are talking about parenting our children today. Once again Joan teaches from first hand experience as well as from the invaluable concepts of the Living Wisdom Manual for Life.

Defensive Detachment