August 19, 2021
Spring Newsletter 2021

Autumn, Spring, Winter, Summer – Do you have a favourite season?

Is it Autumn with its crisp cool mornings, red and orange fallen leaves, harvesting and storing? Or is Springtime’s fresh rainy days and promise of growth and hints of summer? Or perhaps it’s Summer, with hardly any time wasted in getting dressed in the mornings, hot sunny days and fresh summer fruits, or perhaps it is Winter’s fires and time spent reading and sharing that beckons.

Whichever season is ‘yours’, they all have one thing in common; they mark the passing of time with their own particular flavour for us to experience; and perhaps they are also markers for special times of remembrance or nostalgia for us to hold, heartfelt, with God’s Hand in ours. 

Perhaps a hidden purpose of the changing seasons is to help us with our ability to adapt to change, at least four times a year. Something most of us don’t really welcome but something that is made easier and easier as our emotional resilience grows. When your mind is assisting, encouraging and reassuring you, change is not to be feared, rather it  becomes  a challenge that we are easily capable of. As you know there is a surefire way to improve your emotional resilience with truth coaching which is the Living Wisdom way. 

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May 25, 2021
Winter Newsletter 2021

As the cooler months lower the temperature of our atmosphere, warmer clothes stored in boxes, logs for fires and hearty soup recipes are finding their way back into our lives. As we snuggle around the ‘hearth’ the cool change can open more opportunities for self reflection as we stare into fire pits and out over night skies.

Character Change can be very difficult but unless we make a decision to challenge ourselves to change our negative, destructive, outdated or unhelpful attitudes these will always remain with us and we will keep experiencing what we always have. In Living Wisdom we have four points on a STAR to navigate character change. They are; PAIN (what motivates change), HOPE to improve life, HOW TO transition from here to there and the LOVE of someone that can inspire us to challenge ourselves until the goal is reached. The question of Persuasion Therapy can be found on page 75 of the new volume one edition of our manual however if you want to talk to me further about this please schedule a meeting via my online booking system.

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February 28, 2021
Autumn Newsletter 2021


As long hot summer days draw to a close I for one welcome the cooler change in season. Autumn in the southern hemisphere signals our reflective walk towards Calvary in remembrance of the one who gave it all for love. What would you do for love? Or perhaps a better question would be what wouldn’t you do to ensure those you love have everything they need to live to their full potential despite the world they live in?

Although 2021 is slowly unfolding, in another sense time is hurtling ahead. I’m sure we can all attest to having seen and heard incredible change across the known world some of it unbelievable and yet not unexpected. This is the world, the time and the season we are in. Not by chance or happenstance but by divine appointment. Learning to live to our full potential having our beliefs, values and standards aligned to our behaviour and attitude in the face of adversity is one of the key proponents of Living Wisdom.

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November 23, 2020
Summer Newsletter 2020

What do you value most in friendship? Humour? Loyalty? Trust? Each of us have a unique checklist that steers us through the uncertainty of establishing human connection. Some connections amount to nothing but others will last forever. How is this possible? Most of us are trying to be our true self in whatever context we are in whether it is work, church, sport and so on. As we establish ourselves within society we inevitably default to our subconscious checklist of criteria. Hopefully the list will help us choose people and situations that will add value and stability to our lives. People who want to do us no harm. People who are on ‘our side’. But have you ever stopped to consider that whilst we are trying to find our own equilibrium in the natural world the greatest challenge to our autonomy may actually come from within us.

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August 24, 2020
Spring Newsletter 2020

Although it is the long cool stretch of winter the land of Australia is so vast, that we can experience winter in very different ways. From Port Douglas to Mount Gambier , Rolleston to Albany Australians are being presented not only with seasonal change but with new challenges overarching our communities by the impact of Co-vid. Living in wisdom greatly strengthens our ability to make friends with change. Think about it! How many times in the past five months have you been standing at a crossroads and not known what to do? Friends, can I invite you to consider that this is an amazing opportunity for you to grow in areas that may have previously been obstructed and to seek new opportunity, perspective and growth by allowing the truth of Living Wisdom to lead you through these unprecedented times.

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March 27, 2020
Special Update from Uganda

Greetings dear Living Wisdom friends, clients and family,

As many of you may know from my Living Wisdom Australia FaceBook page, I am currently in Uganda and the borders have been completely closed so I am unable to leave at this time. The prediction is that without repatriation flights being negotiated with the Ugandan Government I could be here from 1 to 6-8 months. No one knows. So in response to this current situation there will be some changes for my clients, especially you who are currently booked into my calendar.

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March 2, 2020
Autumn Newsletter 2020

Welcome to the first edition of my newsletter for 2020. I love this scripture because it’s a ‘doing’ instruction. Doing suits me best because I’m happiest when I live and work in agreement with Gods plan for my life. It wasn’t always that way. In the early days I struggled in many areas as I lived in my own strength. It took a great shift to move me from tension to freedom but as I learnt to trust God and apply His truth to my daily life, I became empowered. Friends, I hope that you are living your life enthusiastically under the Living Wisdom of Gods truth for your life. I pray St. John’s words are true for you as you live out today in freedom and ownership rather than obligation and emotional pain.

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December 2, 2019
Summer Newsletter 2019

Thank you to those who have and will give financial support making it possible for others to access the power of Living Wisdom training. I believing this work has a long future because of Gods favour over His anointed people of Kampala who are being called to rise above their circumstances. Here is such a testimony from Dorothy Bingi’s (pictured below on the right) ministering in the Congo.

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October 9, 2019
Spring Newsletter 2019

Spring welcomes us each year with the promise of new life and fresh beginnings. For Living Wisdom Australia this means new opportunities to reach out into community and share truth that revitalises life by unmasking embedded lies from deep within our psyche. What better way to spring clean than to have Living Wisdom founder, mentor and my friend David Riddell visit us in Australia?!

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June 24, 2019
Mid Year Newsletter 2019

Life can be a series of choices between that which is born of obligation and that which is born of one’s own enthusiasm. Pretty soon one can find oneself constantly caught in the tea between these two massive psychological forces. Selflessness versus selfishness. What ‘I’ need versus what ‘they’ need. What I want to do versus what I oughtto do. To help equip you for what is an endlessly on-going emotional battle for many people today, here are the two systems more clearly delineated to enable faster recognition of your dilemma.

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