Are you interested in a sure fire way to assist you in raising emotionally healthy, resilient children?

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Prevention is better than cure, that is why I have developed these resources for young people. My Life Rulz builds a healthy mind and can be grasped by children of all ages, cultures and aptitudes. Using a variety of media presentations (e.g. Book, Songs, Program, DVD etc) this is encapsulated common sense at its best; simple, comprehensive and profound and can be grasped in just minutes.

We provide resources for families, Christian schools and Churches, it is very easy to use and incredibly flexible depending on who is using it and in what environment. My Life Rulz reaches into the depths of the mind to unearth the toxic thinking. ‘Stinking thinking’ that causes stress, anxiety, depression and suicide along with the many other aliments that hinder our young and increasingly older people today. My Life Rulz uses a powerful technique of trace, face and replace. Tracing the thinking to its root, facing the root assumption and replacing it with truth and insight giving hope to those once struggling to find any. In a world of chaos, where ‘feelings’ rule and fear is reigning, My Life Rulz brings light into the lives of those using these powerful resources. Tested and developed by the authors over many thousands of hours of counselling clinical practice in both New Zealand and Australia. My Life Rulz comes as part of the larger Living Wisdom Library of Counselling resources
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