Habits and Addictions Workshop

We all have them! The question that must be answered at a deep sub conscious level before there can be real success over any type of habit or addiction is, is my life better with or without this? Addictions numb our pain, the trouble is we have often forgotten what that pain was in the first place. We are self-medicating but that medicine could now be killing us. Whatever we can’t master we become a slave to and slowly that ‘master’ will swallow up who we are and then what will be left of us? Remember, a physical solution is never the answer to an emotional problem. Weak willpower is the secondary issue never the primary one. Breaking free from an addiction is all about increasing one’s motivation and learning how to overcome a deep and abiding double-mindedness. Addicts need powerful help and persuasive insights to endure the inevitable short term pain to get long term gain. In this seminar Jo teaches how to escape the pit of addiction and there is help in here for all those trapped within its painful grasp either directly or indirectly. Don’t keep trying to do this alone, it’s ridiculous to think that you can do your own open heart surgery so why do you believe you can do the deep sub-conscious re-programming that needs to take place? Free Download. 

Habits and Addictions