Autumn Newsletter 2021


As long hot summer days draw to a close I for one welcome the cooler change in season. Autumn in the southern hemisphere signals our reflective walk towards Calvary in remembrance of the one who gave it all for love. What would you do for love? Or perhaps a better question would be what wouldn’t you do to ensure those you love have everything they need to live to their full potential despite the world they live in?

Although 2021 is slowly unfolding, in another sense time is hurtling ahead. I’m sure we can all attest to having seen and heard incredible change across the known world some of it unbelievable and yet not unexpected. This is the world, the time and the season we are in. Not by chance or happenstance but by divine appointment. Learning to live to our full potential having our beliefs, values and standards aligned to our behaviour and attitude in the face of adversity is one of the key proponents of Living Wisdom.

The world is dangerously spiralling out of control but John 16:33 gives us the confidence to reach out for what is good, right, light & pure. That sounds like wisdom to me. That sounds like something worth seeking.

Welcome! I’m so glad to share with you news, milestones and updates from the past quarter and into the months ahead. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for resources, training programs or counselling or to answer any enquiry you might have about Living Wisdom.

January Living Wisdom School - Ormeau

January 2021

Newsletter Contributions
I would like to thank all contributors to the newsletter; Andrea, Amanda, Melanie & Shirley-Ann and particularly to Sue-Ellen Massey whose efforts and support have sown seeds in well prepared soil. I can only marvel at what these seeds might produce.

No amount of training I have ever received could ever have empowered me as much as this Living Wisdom Course. It provided me with knowledge to face life with a deeper understanding and a deeper sense of awe of how great our God is. I pray that He will use me as an instrument in His hands so I can bring glory to Him!
Amanda Henn
Year 4 Teacher, Livingstone Christian College

Video: Andrea - On Vimeo
Video: Melani - On Vimeo

Cairns School
Time: 9:00am to 3:00pm Monday to Friday
Venue: The Lakes Church
Lecturer: Joan Koskela
Cost: $950.00
Promotional Video - Cairns

Dalby Mini School
Time: 9:00am to 3:00pm Monday to Saturday
Venue: Dalby Christian Family Church, 101 Pratten Street, Dalby
Lecturer: Joan Koskela
Cost: $550


3.3.21 Victimhood
If I was to tell you that victimhood was a learned behaviour that had dug itself into the recesses of your deep subconscious and you could learn to release yourself (and others) from the hopelessness of victimhood would you be willing to know more? In this workshop I give you new insight in how to get-off the victims treadmill. Learn how to challenge negative emotions learnt in childhood including; passive aggression, anger, self-pity, with-holding, resentment, guilt, blame-shifting or a perpetual sense of obligation in your relationships. If this seems like wisdom to you, I invite you to attend this Wisdom Workshop or to purchase the video resource to watch at a later date.
Register Now

17.3.21 Goal Setting
A goal is what turns a general sense of purpose into a specific
achievement. To restore a strong sense of hope, power and progress to our lives – to really ‘get a life’ – we must first get back the reins of our destiny. But to do this demands that we get into the habit of goal setting. However, in order to do this, there are several subconscious objections to goal setting that must first be addressed – we must do a deconstruction. Otherwise, goal-setting remains a very nice theory, instead of an exciting way of life.
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31.3.21 Parenting Boot Camp
The whole subject of the training of children is huge and in this brief
session we can do no more than scratch the surface. However there are some very basic principles, which in general hold true for every situation, so I will try to capture them here as briefly as possible. Register Now

21.4.21 Burnout and Enthusiasm
When there’s nothing left to give. When my emotional outgoings exceed
my incoming’s, the upkeep will be my downfall. Burnout often begins with grief, loss, overstressed, working too hard, or ongoing severe double-mindedness. This practical checklist will give you the warning signs to be aware of to avoid this frightening emotional 'break'. Once you have your enthusiasm back, let's look at how you can guard it.
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This year a few of the Wisdom Workshops will have a parenting focus. The first one is the 31st March and I plan another one in June and one in August so stay tuned for those on the Events page of my Website.

Please take a moment to listen to Nadia and two of her children as they share a little bit of the impact the My Life Rulz resources have had.

Video: Nadia - On Vimeo

Don't forget that you can go to the My Life Rulz YOU TUBE CHANNEL to hear teaching around each of the Life Rulz and watch short but powerful concepts to empower you in the challenging role of parenting. If you are interested in purchasing any of the resources head over to the WEBSITE.


At the end of 2020 I heard someone say; “The dumbest purchase I made this year was my 2020 Yearly Planner”. On the one hand it’s funny but on the other hand many of us are growing weary of the constraints imposed upon us during the last twelve months. In my optimism I had big plans for adventure in 2021. My plan was to exchange my lovely caravan on acreage in Queensland for an itinerant lifestyle travelling to different locations across the UK, Ireland, Scotland & Wales. In preparation I’ve been gathering my resources of maps, contacts, itineraries and piles of excitement looking forward to exploring new places and re-connecting with friends and family on the other side of the world.

But then I remembered Proverbs 16:9; In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.

I have reminded myself many times in the last several months that a healthy mind is a flexible mind (D.J.Riddell). In all situations I have a choice. I can choose to ‘roll with the punches’ or I can choose to get angry and discouraged when I’m faced with disappointment.
I think for most of us it is uncomfortable to not be able to plan and even control our day to day lives and further into the future but I see this as a divine invitation to live in the ‘now’, be content, don’t sweat the small stuff and soak in everything you can from each and every day. After all, everyday is a gift and none of us knows what tomorrow will bring.

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