Autumn Newsletter 2020

1 John 3:18

Welcome to the first edition of my newsletter for 2020. I love this scripture because it’s a ‘doing’ instruction. Doing suits me best because I’m happiest when I live and work in agreement with Gods plan for my life. It wasn’t always that way. In the early days I struggled in many areas as I lived in my own strength. It took a great shift to move me from tension to freedom but as I learnt to trust God and apply His truth to my daily life, I became empowered. Friends, I hope that you are living your life enthusiastically under the Living Wisdom of Gods truth for your life. I pray St. John’s words are true for you as you live out today in freedom and ownership rather than obligation and emotional pain.


What better way to start 2020 than by hosting a two week Living Wisdom school? It is both a privilege and an honour to share truth with people that guides them to new pathways in freedom. It’s my pleasure to share two student testimonies with you.

Kaaren Smith (Pictured)

I am a teacher. Many of my colleagues have attended a Living Wisdom school and testify how much the material changed their lives. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to attend a school and when that became available in Brisbane I registered.

What I learnt has opened new possibilities. I am endeavouring to make my mind my friend by using the right truth coaches and trusting the life and counselling skills to help me transform my thinking. I’d like to develop truth sessions for my Connect Group as well as strengthening my skill to ask empowering questions to enable others.

I am continuing to immerse myself in truth teachings from the course so I can realign my thinking. I’ve discovered how negatively I used to think about myself and how I could spiral downwards out of emotional control. As I apply truth to myself and others that I’m in relationship with I am trusting that the echoes and welds from the past will be released once and for all. How long this takes will depend on how much time I really give to meditating on the truth.

Katrina Rooney (Back Row – 2nd from this end)

My living wisdom journey began last April when I started counselling with Jo. At 60 years old I felt lost, fearful of the future and powerless to be the person I wanted to be for the people I loved.

When Jo said she was running a two week school without hesitation, I knew I wanted to go! The school saturated my mind with words of life and because of it today I have hope, I have a future and a life worth living as my mind is becoming my friend. Living wisdom gave me the keys to unlock the doors of well-hidden places in my mind that kept me captive all these years. The antidote is mine. The Truth that has set me free. For the first time in my life I can describe my dream day and what I would like my life to look like in the future. I am free to live the life God created me for!

Thank you to all Brisbane students who completed our first post school survey. The results were informative and clearly show areas for improvement. For example, it was not surprising that 100% of respondents thought the course was excellent and the manual was of critical importance to learning. Interestingly, whilst face to face teaching was critical to 88% others thought a mixed modality with self-directed online modules and some class work would have been good. We also gained insight on programming, scheduling and resource management and have started to apply some of our new learnings into our future work.

On the 14th March I will be on a plane making my way over to Uganda for the 4th Living Wisdom 2-week course. It is always an honour and privilege to serve the students who come, very hungry and very grateful. We usually have between 5 and 10 different nationalities attend as students, a mixture of nationals and ex-pats in ministry. It never ceases to amaze me how the Living Wisdom material cuts across cultures and still hits the mark to empower people in whatever circumstances they are in.

On the 10th March I will be drawing the ‘Gratitude Draw’ for the two counselling appointments with me. Anyone who has donated $80 or more to sponsor Ugandan students is eligible for the draw. I will post the result on my FaceBook Page.


From February 1st I made a commitment to post weekly on my Living Wisdom Australia Facebook page. I’ll be using graphics to illustrate a ‘Daily Insight’ from David Riddell’s training resources. My goal is to encourage you all and to keep the conversation going amongst our networks. Here is an example of a post and my thoughts around ‘P 71’.

If you have an emotional bruise (unbearable feeling) of feeling cruel, mean or unkind OR rejection/unloved OR disappointing others then you will probably be a rescuer and find it almost impossible to stop your unhelpful helping without some powerful truth and insights. Rescuing feels like love, looks like love at first but it is a counterfeit love. Rescuing is doing for others what they should be doing for themselves and usually from our own deep need to be needed. Oldest children who are given too much responsibility, often too soon are normally rescuers. The problem is, the rescuer and the rescuee are both being disempowered as they limp along in a co-dependent relationship.


My Life Rulz (MLR) continues to inform parents, carers and children on how to nurture emotional resilience in self (child) and others (carers). Many of you have already accessed our colourful resources but if you haven’t here is an example (picture). Children are excellent at remembering but not so good at interpreting the ‘whole’ story. With a partial truth, children can become emotionally bruised and without a kind and truthful debrief may remain locked in a misbelief indefinitely.

Our resources speak to the emotional bruise called stinking thinking. These word pictures are monotone in colour. We challenge the bruise by asking an empowering question and give two truth coaches (positive statements) to counteract the mis-belief. Our resources illustrate healthy positive thinking with bright colourful images.

Our material is primarily aimed at young children, but we are delighted to hear from many adults internationally who share how much My Life Rulz helps them too. This isn't surprising because the powerful insights in MLR help people of any age to build emotional resilience.

I would also like to draw your attention to the Downloadable resources for sale. These are Workshops that either myself or David Riddell have held around various parts of Australia and there is some incredibly powerful teaching at your fingertips. I am really proud to offer a new workbook and audio training package as well.


Follow the links for more information
• Gina Dearman –
• Peter Funke Teacher - Hervey Bay School



What a great start to 2020, I have hit the ground running. The January school was a blast, counselling is steady, I have run 4 training sessions with teachers, parents and young mothers at various schools and groups. Right now, I am also preparing for Uganda. Because of our horribly hot summer I have done very little outside in the way of my hobbies of gardening and mosaics but that has meant that I am doing other bits and pieces that need attending to. I got an email from my Super Fund the other day saying;

‘Joan, imagine better working hours, choosing your own income, and no one telling you what to do’

and I thought – that is my life already, why would I want to retire!

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