Joan Koskela

I have been working in my own Counselling practice since 2002, currently from Samford – Brisbane. However, because I train in many different locations and so many referrals are word of mouth, a large number of my clients are phone, Zoom, or other mediums rather than face to face. 

I have Level 1, 2, and 3 Certificates in Living Wisdom training through David Riddell in Nelson, NZ. I also have an Advanced Diploma in Family Therapy and Counselling. These qualifications plus my QBE (qualified by experience) continue to empower me along with what every clients teaches me in our therapeutic relationship.

I have 3 grown children and 8 grandchildren and enjoy gardening, walking, travelling, training, teaching, counselling, life and people.I also enjoy creating mosaics, playing Scrabble, and doing a jig-saw.
Joan Koskela

About the Living Wisdom Model

Living Wisdom is an ‘eclectic’ approach but is closest to REBT and Reality therapy. It combines the four focuses of the healing power of truth, historic event, mental reasoning and habitualised behaviour with the wisdom skill of tracing, facing and replacing both the cognitive error and subconscious assumption with superior truth / insight. It is assumed that the present emotio-behavioural condition is caused by a combination of early conclusions (both right and wrong), mental habits, emotional reasoning and complex survival ‘kits’ elicited, usually to avoid a hideous echo (feelings based memory). “The chief thief is the misbelief beneath”.
The problem assumption must be found and consciously, cognitively refuted / renounced / replaced for fast and effective change to take place (debriefing). Help therefore comes with greatly focused and relevant insight as antidote to mental erroneous zones via empowering questions, and, when appropriate, effective persuasion. This brings with it the ability to reinterpret the past events in the light of increased faith and wisdom. To this must be added the behavioural dimension of new skills and new patterns of thinking, as positive re-persuasion is worked out. Deeper psycho-therapy may be summarised with ‘Revisit the experience, Revise the conclusions, and Relinquish the entire, damaged mindset.’ The role of and need for the ‘wise guide’ – one who knows the way – is central to this process. Concepts such as Welds, Unbearable Feelings and Habitualized Emotions will always bring rapid change, when Truth Coaches are applied at the right level in the belief hierarchy.
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