Joan’s foundational knowledge and teaching base is from David Riddell’s psychological and behavioural model of care called Living Wisdom (Nelson, NZ subject to copyright all rights reserved). Joan has completed Levels 1,2 and 3 in the course, as well as an Advanced Diploma in Family Therapy and Counselling. With over 16 years of clinical practice, annual professional development and ongoing supervision Joan, ensures that for each client she is able to provide a high level of professional integrity for the duration of the client journey. 


Over the years Joan has developed emotional agility, physical health and a balanced lifestyle. This enables Joan to provide an agile business model and counselling service. Wisdom Workshops have moved to Zoom but face to face will resume also. Appointments are made online for Zoom, Phone, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Face to Face counselling.


Joan accepts many opportunities to take her counselling and teaching to places and situations that have stretched her to become an adventurer and pioneer. This is enabling her to practice what she teaches when it comes to resilience and teaching your mind to be your friend. 


Joan is a gifted speaker with an easy listening style. Many people report the ease of listening to intense lecture topics while Joan weaves personal stories and humour into her speaking engagements and training. 


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