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Why Living Wisdom?

The Living Wisdom model has been put together over many thousands of hours of counselling real people in real pain.  Living Wisdom is a integration of Psychology, wisdom and common sense from a Biblical Perspective. It provides real answers for practical issues like relationship issues, family issues, mental and emotional issues, it is very user friendly.  You can get to grips with it very quickly and it has been designed to cut out the delusions and problems that people get themselves into.  A ladder out of a pit you might call it. The rungs are put there, ready for you to use, whenever you want to get a hold of it.  I recommend Living Wisdom to you as there are not many situations that it can’t give you some empowerment in.  It is the brainchild of David Riddell who is based in Nelson, New Zealand. 


  • It has changed my (Jo Koskela) life – that is why I now do what I do.
  • You can utilise phone, Skype or face to face counselling appointments.
  • We offer a Two Week Intensive Living Wisdom Life and Counselling Skills School.
  • We also offer short evening and day workshops at incredibly affordable prices. These seminars can be ‘tailor made’ for your specific needs as a group, church or organisation.
  • The results speak for themselves, have a look at what some others say…
I was struggling with depression, wondering what it would be like to drink myself into oblivion. This thought shocked me into action – I had never been more than tipsy
I can’t believe how different my life is and how free I feel without all the awful feelings following me everywhere! It has been amazing change thanks to you
Thank you for all your help with counselling and giving me wisdom and the necessary truths to fix my thinking and replace the lies in my head. Also, thanks